Montana Veterans Memorial

A tribute to freedom and the sacrifices it requires.

  • At the center of the Montana Veterans Memorial is a warrior angel. He grasps the dog tags of those lost in battle. He stands upon a grindstone, symbolic of evil being crushed. With one arm extended, he releases five doves in honor of the five branches of the U.S. military and in hope that some day they will no longer be needed..
  • A Veteran is defined as any man or woman of any age who has served in any branch of the military of the United States of America in any capacity.

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The History of the Montana Veterans Memorial
Montana Veterans Memorial

The History of the Montana Veterans Memorial

This memorial began as a series of conversations with friends, associates and like minded people. As they talked, it became clear that Great Falls and its Military community did not have a Veteran’s memorial dedicated to those serving in the armed forces, past and present. The challenge was compelling. A committee was formed and met twice a month. Trips were made around the state to garner ideas, and there were talks with City Officials. Months and more meetings brought an attorney and architect on board to help with the maze of paperwork. Contractors and local business people stepped forward to offer assistance. The Secretary of the State of Montana recognized the group as a not for profit organization. Officials for Malmstrom Air Force Base took the group step by step to the Pentagon and an official nod given by the Secretary of the Air Force brought three enthusiastic Military units to work on the memorial. The primary construction was completed two days before many of the men and women were deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The Warrior Angel was placed atop the center pillar to watch over our new friends in active service and in the Guard Units. The citizens of Montana came forward with labor and materials and to date, over eight thousand veterans are honored on the tiles, benches, picnic tables, trees and flag poles. This is a place for visitors to Great Falls to stop, a place to remember our veterans, a place to meditate. This is A Place of Honor.

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