Montana Congressional
Medal of Honor Recipients

John McLennon

Musician, US Army, 9 August 1877, Big Hole Battlefield, MT

Cornelius C. Smith

Corporal, US Army, 1 January 1891, MT, SD campaign

John E. Moran

Captain, US Army, 17 September 1900, Philippine Insurrection

William Wylie Galt

(posthumous) Captain, US Army, 29 May 1944, WWII, Italy

Laverne Parrish

(posthumous) Tech.4, US Army, 18 January 1945, WWII, Philippines

Leo J. Powers

Private First Class, US Army, 3 February 1944, WWII, Italy

Donald Jack Ruhl

Private First Class, USMC, 19 February 1945, WWII, Iwo Jima

Henry Schauer

Private First Class, US Army, 27 October 1944, WWII, Italy

Travis W. Atkins

(posthumous) Staff Sergeant, US Army, 1 June 2007, Iraq Biography

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